MYGD Support

The Muslim Youth of Greater Detroit, also known as MYGD, is becoming one of the most active youth groups in Michigan, offering a variety of events for youth, such as Islamic lectures, game nights, halaqahs, kids’ festivals, and seasonal trips.  As we continue to grow and refine our intentions, organization, and processes, we keep focus on sowing the seeds of tomorrow by investing in the youth of our community today.  We need your financial support to continue our mission and offer these youth programs at little to no cost for the attendees.

You may use the form below to register for a recurring monthly donation to MYGD as part of our our MYGD Support program, which will allow us to continue to benefit our youth and community for years to come. Jazakum Allahu khaira for your generosity!

To start, please select an amount to be donated monthly: